A young woman, she had dozens of arrests and several years of prison behind her before she was 24 years old. She came to a meeting and said that she knew upon her last release, “that when I got out this time, I was either going to end up in prison for life, or I would be dead. Instead, I was referred to the Restorative Community Coalition by a friend.

They asked me, ‘How can we help you? What do you need?’ That had never happened. Frankly, I didn’t know how to do this life. The Coalition changed my life forever. With one case manager and $1500 invested in me, I was able to break the pattern of abuse. I am now fully employed, reconnected to family, and love going to work!”

Another client, had 20- years behind bars in his first 50 years of life. He could

“I had no way to understand anything other than rebellion, anger and abuse. I was raised in foster homes from the age of four. I dealt with so much violence, I didn’t know there was any other way – until I read a book on restorative justice. I was determined to find out how that could work. And so I brought the book to the Coalition.

they started listening to me, mentoring me, and I have changed my entire worldview about how things work! I got my drivers license at age 50, started doing various kinds of therapy and work…and I am working toward having my own home.

While it is not easy to live with my past habits, I am rebuilding my life. I no longer believe that life in prison is inevitable. Instead, I am building a future that I am very proud of, and that works for ME!


“I was a professional under deep stress, and due to many business pressures an the betrayal of a family member, I ended up emotionally depressed and I was self-medicating. As a result I ended up in the system with a DUI for marijuana…and that started a nightmare of dealing with the justice system. I had no prior experience, and the trauma and deep emotional distress caused my mental health to deteriorate dramatically. With the mentoring I received, I have been able to reclaim my dignity, restore my world…
I am forever grateful.”

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