Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community Report

Stop Punishing Taxpayers – Start Rebuilding Community

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Thank you to the thousands of citizens who have survived the trauma of incarceration and come forward to share experiences and solutions through testimonials, books, reports and programs in order that the Restorative Community Coalition could extract, condense and synthesize ideas to be implemented in the new economy.

Thank you to the hundreds of local people whose contributions include: thousands of research hours, personal insights and stories of injustice allowing us to penetrate the depth of dysfunction in a way that we could produce this report for the betterment of our community.

Thank you to the Board of Directors for their willingness to step forward and be the voice for the ‘silent silo’ of citizens who cannot speak for fear of being compromised at work or in their professions, in their personal lives or through their families.

    • Joy Gilfilen – President
    • Irene Morgan – Secretary-Treasurer
    • Debbie David – Board Member
    • Loren Lundholm – Board Member
    • Roger Hull – Board Member

We cannot list all the individual citizens and their contributions to this work, at the risk of omitting some, so we wish to acknowledge all Members, Board Members and Advisors who have supported our cause since inception.

Thank you to Don Kirchner, author of A Matter of Time, who inspired Irene Morgan to found the Coalition in 2006.

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