Many of us know that something is wrong with the criminal justice system, but we don’t know what to do about it or where to start. Our coalition has done a deep dive into the roots of the school-to-prison pipeline to diagram the systemic problems we face. Our coalition provides roadmaps and a wealth of information for people interested in big-system shifts for the incarceration and criminal justice systems.

Where Do We Start?

skim through our website to get a feel for how we Connect
for social and civic change with clients, community members, business people, organizational leaders and institutions. It takes a whole community to imagine that it is possible to change the future.

  1. Learn more about Jail Tax Abuse
  2. Follow our Podcast, iChange Justice [Link to Podcast page]
  3. Check out our Civic Projects Page
  4. Become a Member, or Donate to Help Us Help our clients?
  5. Watch this short intro about Prisons for Profit where our Founder Irene Morgan and our President Joy Gilfilen
    speak truth at Bates Technical College.

Who’s working with us — get to know our allies + social endorsements

Our Sponsors and allies list is coming soon!

News and Resources for Big Picture Criminal Legal System Restoration

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