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City Club: Chemical Dependence in Whatcom by Carole Wells, Lex Rivers

The second program in a two-part series on community impacts of drug and alcohol abuse. Carole Wells of Belair Clinic shares her vast experiences working with recovery centers, presenting at schools, counseling, and teaching throughout Whatcom County. Lex Rivers is the Regional Manager for Catholic Community Services Recovery Center. He shares his work over the past several years with youth, individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

Dr. Gabor Matte: Understanding Addiction

Author of “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”, Gabor Matte is clear that Adverse Childhood Experiences are one of the core issues at the root of addiction, at the root of over compensation, at the root of abuse. Dr. Matte is only working and achieving positive results with perhaps 5% – for he says social exclusion, the war on drugs addicts, and the abusive systems of punishment. He works with harm reduction, with helping people, reducing the jail facilities, and helping to heal people emotionally.

Visionary 2015 Taxpayers Report

The FINAL Vera Report

Noble Cause Corruption Report

Prepared for
Washington State Public Disclosure Commission

By Joy Gilfilen, Citizen
All documents filed by April 27, 2016

design2 LAST, inc -Report

Building Assessment Studies and Cost Estimates for
Capital Improvements at the
Jail (Public Safety Building)
and Work Center
Whatcom County – Contract 201607005 – PHASE 1A

Incarceration Prevention & Reduction Task Force

The misuse of jails in America is helping to drive mass incarceration and is

part of a system that is neither economically sustainable nor beneficial to

public safety, community well-being, and individual rehabilitation.




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