We Deeply Appreciate all donations to our Coalition. We are a 501 C3-non-profit organization living largely on volunteer contributions.

There are multiple ways to contribute or donate to our Coalition – it depends on how you wish to do it!

  1. Direct Membership: Simple monthly donations are the bread and butter of our organization, no matter how small or large. You can click on the donate button, or on the tab above. Either way the typical donations come in through PayPal, other credit card, or are a direct deposit from your account.
  2. Capital or Charity Gifts: You can contribute larger amounts as well to receive 501C3 tax deductions. Contact Irene Morgan at 360-739-7493 to arrange your tax deductible documents.
  3. Facebook Birthday Fundraiser: You can designate us to receive the funds from a special event on Facebook. We are listed as The Restorative
  4. Donate Effortlessly from Amazon Smile!
    Simply designate the Restorative Community Coalition as the beneficiary from all your purchases!
  5. Donate to RCC effortlessly from Fred Meyer as you buy groceries & merchandise !

As an Amazon Smile or Fred Meyer shopper, you can donate to our cause without changing your buying habits!

Fred Meyer has a Community Rewards program that can be linked to your Fred Meyer Rewards membership. (The one that gets you discounts on gas and reward checks once per quarter.)

To register your request to have them donate to RCC, follow the instructions below or
call 1-866-518-2686 M-F 5am-9pm Pacific, S&S 10am-6:30pm Pacific for help.

Their Community Rewards program is a matching program that donates corporate moneys to your selected non-profit. (It doesn’t cost you anything.)

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have a FM Rewards Card, follow the instructions (scroll down to box) “Link your Shoppers Card”.
  1. Choose “Restorative Community Coalition” or use our ID# 75-3253677
  2. If you experience any difficulties, call the toll-free number above for assistance, they are very helpful.
  • If you don’t have a Rewards Card yet – click on ‘Create an Account’ (same page) set one up for yourself/family.

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