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On November 5th, we went and sent a letter to Prosecutor McEachran, WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the WA State Public Disclosure Commission asking for a Special Prosecutor be assigned to investigate the many election law violations in promotion of Prop 2017-1. Our request references multiple WA State codes that the Prosecutor take...

This is the letter we sent to the Washington State Attorney General asking for a special investigator. Download The PDF Here

The Restorative Community Coalition looks out for everyone. Most recently we are looking out for our members and allies whose image & copyrighted materials were co-opted for the Pro-Jail Tax movement. On October 24th, 2017 and image of a 2015 Anti-Jail Tax Rally was posted to the Whatcom Jail Facebook page with alterations depicting those...

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Re:  Stop Whatcom County Jail MisManagement – Fix the Jail Now! By Joy Gilfilen, submitted to Whatcom County Council and Bellingham City Council 07-02-2017 Whatcom County’s self-proclaimed decade of expanding jail problems and constant crisis about overcrowding, accompanied by no self-correction, is defacto proof of “mismanagement.”  It’s time to stop. Stop Crisis MisManagement* – No...

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Discover why Whatcom County is A Pioneer in jail reform. Our Community refuses to endorse mass incarceration, because privateering is the business model that underlays it. It creates A profiteering motive that undercuts the local economy, harms citizens and their families, consumes taxpayer dollars and creates poverty. This is born out by statistics and deep...

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  06/21/2017 To:       Whatcom County Council and Council Members for the Lummi and Nooksack Nations Council Members from Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, Nooksack, Everson, Blaine, Sumas From:  Joy Gilfilen, President Restorative Community Coalition RE: Please pass a vote of No Confidence – Urgent Call to Action to Fix the Jail Council members, our Whatcom County...

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Why Reverse Mass Incarceration in the US? This short video explains why. How? Let’s do “restorative justice”, societal interception, prevention, and implementing “restorative economic” solutions that stop perpetuating trauma in the…

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Our Coalition was founded in 2006 and we have helped hundreds of clients restore their standing with their families. ~Costs of incarceration for ONE PERSON a year  in Washington State is:  $51,775!!!  Compared to: educating someone at $1500 to help get them back into the workforce, and BACK to THEIR LIVES!!!

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Our Freedom Farm – Started with a ‘Freedom Garden’ Experiment We have a plan to build a farm where people who are re-entering society after incarceration could come be rehabilitated and re-learn how the world works in a realistic, functional way.   Our business plan calls for: Bunkhouse and tiny home type housing on site with...

Stop Punishing Taxpayers

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Jail reform is at the roots of mass incarceration.  And Bernie Sanders gives us insight into how much out of balance we are.  Help fight mass criminalization of our youth, our displaced and our homeless for the benefit of corporations.  This is an excerpt from a Young Turks News show where Bernie talks about the...

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Reclaiming Lives This 4-minute video shows why Restorative Community Coalition is Standing Up for Inmates Recovery, Jail Reform and Restorative Economics Growing a healthy society is an individual, family, business and community matter.  This video is about the individual impacts of excessive incarceration (without rehabilitation) on real people.  We describe why it is cost effective...

2015 Taxpayers Report: Start Rebuilding Community The Coalition just produced after 10 years of research this document for the benefit of Whatcom County taxpayers to understand the complexity of the issue around building this large jail. Here is an excerpt from our opening page. Economic Alternatives = Opportunities for Taxpayers With over 25% of the...






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