Jail Reform


Jails, Sheriffs and Carceral Policymaking is a useful law review article about the “hidden to the public” story of the business of incarceration that verifies the hands-on research done in Whatcom County by the Restorative CommUnity Coalition.  When we started, our work was striving to help people who got out […]

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Wow!  Check out this County in Oregon!  While Whatcom County could easily have been the leader in justice reform, we just got ACE’s by Multnomah!  Whatcom County could learn from them!  And there is more to do, if the County will stop pretending that they need to build a jail

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Appreciating Society Model

In 2010, our Coalition hosted the Visionary Community Opportunities Conference to discover what the problems were that our community was facing with incarceration: “What were the problems the taxpayers had (since the County had produced their vision to build a huge 2450 jail.  Their plan was based on the jail

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