Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community Report

CLICK HERE to Download Full .PDF  Acknowledgements Thank you to the thousands of citizens who have survived the trauma of incarceration and come forward to share experiences and solutions through testimonials, books, reports and programs in order that the Restorative Community Coalition could extract, condense and synthesize ideas to be […]

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Jails, Sheriffs and Carceral Policymaking is a useful law review article about the “hidden to the public” story of the business of incarceration that verifies the hands-on research done in Whatcom County by the Restorative CommUnity Coalition.  When we started, our work was striving to help people who got out

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Wow!  Check out this County in Oregon!  While Whatcom County could easily have been the leader in justice reform, we just got ACE’s by Multnomah!  Whatcom County could learn from them!  And there is more to do, if the County will stop pretending that they need to build a jail

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What happens to people when they get arrested? Most people don’t know because no-one really wants to talk about it. Why not? Joy Gilfilen, President of the Restorative Community Coalition, did a quest to find out.  It is disturbing to the soul. People who get arrested go through dramatic arrest

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Blindspots 1.2:  Whatcom County Jail Trauma Research Study Episode 2 It’s about discovering the false pre-assumptions that people make about an arrest. Joy had no idea she herself would have blindspots even after years of researching the issues and working with people. For example, she discovered that most people who

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Whatcom County Jail Trauma Chart

The immediate and then compound ripple effects that come from just an arrest process, then a jailing process are serious and last a lifetime. All this happens before a court is even involved or a person is charged with a crime. The immediate and then compound ripple effects that come

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Prosecutor's Debate

This was the first debate held about the Prosecutor’s position in decades! The incumbent prosecutor retired and had held the position virtually without competition for 44 years! As a result, this was a powerful educational opportunity for the public to learn how two different professionals would approach the position and

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