True Costs of Incarceration

What are the “true costs” of incarceration? It’s complicated. It’s ultimately a contrarian lose/lose/lose game. People try to simplify the question of the growth of mass incarceration as a Good Guy vs. Bad Guy problem.  Or as a good vs. evil problem.  Or as a safety problem, like how we […]

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This Noble Cause Corruption report is large – 196 pages. It is loaded here in three different PDF files since the files were cumbersome to email and download.  There are many items of evidence and graphics inside the three Red, White and Yellow flaggeds Addendums 1-2-3. This report was compiled

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Implement Local Justice Reform Now It’s a better solution for taxpayers – Find Out Why! After 8 years of research, our Coalition finally realized that the private prison industrial complex has filtered down to dominate the business of local jails as well. We figured out that if we want to

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