Blindspots 1.2:  Whatcom County Jail Trauma Research Study Episode 2 It’s about discovering the false pre-assumptions that people make about an arrest. Joy had no idea she herself would have blindspots even after years of researching the issues and working with people. For example, she discovered that most people who […]

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Whatcom County Jail Trauma Chart

The immediate and then compound ripple effects that come from just an arrest process, then a jailing process are serious and last a lifetime. All this happens before a court is even involved or a person is charged with a crime. The immediate and then compound ripple effects that come

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Systemic Patterns of Poverty

MISMANAGEMENT = SYSTEMIC PATTERNS OF POVERTY After analyzing data about Whatcom County’s Justice system for the Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force, dated November 2017, the Vera Institute of Justice published a report that identified “the following factors contributing to jail overuse in Whatcom County: Most admissions (62%) into the

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Implement Local Justice Reform Now It’s a better solution for taxpayers – Find Out Why! After 8 years of research, our Coalition finally realized that the private prison industrial complex has filtered down to dominate the business of local jails as well. We figured out that if we want to

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