Irene Morgan founded the Restorative Community Coalition over a decade ago. As a member of our community, the criminal code and justice system in Whatcom County and across this nation, is damaging our society, and she’s watched it for long enough.


We imagine communities where incarceration is minimal and only for the extraordinarily violent; where there is prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation for people who have been addicted, traumatized, and abused, instead of jailing and punishing; where people learn how to go back to work and become capable and productive members of society.
Our organization is piloting a brand new project that focuses on direct services to clients. Our Restorative Community Center has three phases: stop the cycles, restore a life, and build a future. We are currently seeking funding for this revolutionary project that can truly turn someone’s life around.




We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Bellingham, Washington. We serve individuals in Whatcom County who are or have been involved in the justice system, as well as their families and loved ones, recover from the physical, economic, and emotional burden.

Last year alone, we supported more than 100 individuals in Whatcom County in navigating the legal system, and we are currently one of the only groups of our kind available to help these people.

We’ve been an active part of the community for years. We have the tools necessary to make an impact in Whatcom County and across the country. Now we need your help to grow our message and expand our reach.





The Restorative Community Coalition is founded by Irene Morgan


The Re-Entry University is funded


The RCC received grants and funding to be able to get 7 out of 10 people out of the recidivism cycle. We launched learned that just $1500 plus case management could produce an 85% success rate in getting people out of the arrest cycle.
We launched our first pilot project to do housing plus case management. Unfortunately, we were underfunded, and we learned that we needed full capitalization and “lived experience” case managers to manage the housing and re-entry program. We were able to restore a temporary home with community donations.


We continued with Direct Services to clients & started public education programs like Choices and Consequences, and
began engaging in civic activism, with research and testimony, directed to officials regarding restorative justice


Added education to jail industry economic concerns
Published a vision for the future titled Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community


Our Coalition did research into facts published about the Public Noble Cause Corruption. These were documents to be filed that led to fines being levied against county executives


Continued Direct Services and case management
Created the No Bigger Jail video
Successful in educating the public so they could reject the jail tax on the ballot. We won by a 17.5% margin



    Help people adapt to and manage their personal, social service and justice system involved life during this time of trial through reconciliation. They need help organizing and scheduling an expanded array of evaluations, doctor’s appointments, court assignments, family meetings, safe housing, and more.


    Use a checklist of tools and scheduling methods to help people successfully navigate the court processes and the complex relationships with the justice system so they can successfully meet and fulfill the obligations of the unfamiliar testing, evaluations and extra activities that suddenly show up in a person’s life.


    Work with individuals and family to adjust to the deep life changes that come with incarceration trauma, conflict resolution issues, victim impact issues, family and employment disruption. They may need safe housing, relationships training, community living skills, adaptive social context help by peers who have been there. Our Self-Empowerment Services mentoring program starts with a series of sessions called Negative Self Talk Awareness, Anger Understanding, Learned Behavior, Conscious Communication, Relationships and Commitments, Parenting, Decision-Making, Societal Conditioning.

    Helping people reintegrate into the work force, their family and society. After time spent inside, their world has changed, and the jobs market is completely different. They need help adjusting to having a record, how to talk about their time inside, and how to relate to the community.


    Our Coalition wouldn’t be where it is today, without the help and loyal support of our community volunteers.

    Become a part of the RCC  family to make a difference in the lives of so MANY!

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