Mission Statement:
The Restorative Community Coalition is in the business of Re-Claiming lives.  We are an action oriented coalition advocating for restorative, economic, systemic and social change.

• Case Management
• Housing
• Substance Abuse
• Mental Health Counseling, and Treatment
• Education, Vocational Opportunities, and Job Search Support
• Functional Literacy Coaching, Life Skills, and Budgeting
• Provide Clothes, Bus Passes, Food, Furniture, Gas, Car Repair,
• Continually Write Support Letter to Inmates

Board of Directors

~Joy Gilfilen~


Joy became President of Restorative CommUnity Coalition in 2010. 

She is a thoughtful entrepreneur, producer, facilitator,  author and educator; born here and raised on a farm in the peaceful Puget Sound.  On her families farm, she raised all kinds of animals, and she took great pride in how her animals were treated, and shown.  She has always been ‘at one with nature’, and always kept that philosophy in mind with the rearing of her own two sons.

Recognizing that the privatization of prisons has changed the socio-economic-political landscape, she studied and observed and built the models to inspire ‘whole systems thinking’ for all of our futures. 

In 2015, Joy co-authored the book, Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community, to show how restorative economics can reduce over-criminalization of people.

~Irene Morgan~

Founder & Secretary

“I have dedicated my life to promoting peace through intentional choice, conscious action and the healing of hearts.”

Irene was raised on a farm in Everson, Washington.  She and her husband raised their family, and ran their slaughter on the farm business for 20 years.  

Following her heart in 2006, she studied the healing arts and became a counselor and therapist.  Irene’s personal instincts and wisdom allowed her to reach out and identify where her compassion for humanity could truly be of the most benefit.  This led her to founding the Restorative CommUnity Coalition.  

In addition to her many achievements, in 2015 she also co-authored the book, Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community.

~Anastacia Lundholm~


~Laura Widman~


~Debbie David~

Facebook Manager

Debbie joined the Restorative CommUnity Coalition in 2010. 

Her background is in corrections, administration; and she has worked with people, who have conviction histories, to become positive, productive citizens and community members.

We value her outstanding efforts and resourcefulness in researching information and documentation for our websites and social media outlets.

~Clint Lincoln~

Clint Lincoln joined the Restorative CommUnity Coalition as a Board Member in 2017.  He has been a supporter and member for years, and has performed music for the Peace In Our Lifetime concert, for different conferences and events.  


~Arlene Feld~

~Atul Deshmone~





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