Business is not what you Think It Is!

Art Sherwood, IDEA Institute – WWU

Social Benefit Corporations are a powerful way to implement restorative economics.

As time changes all things, authentic justice is finding its way into social, business and civic understanding.  The fact is that business models, methods and ways of doing business are changing the landscape of how people measure accountability, how we assess integrity, and how we operate in a constantly changing, fast-paced, global economic and technological world.

Art Sherwood has a really great way of discussing how new business models are emerging as old business models transform with the marketplace demand. Restorative economics was part of the ReImaging Whatcom County Beyond Mass Incarceration Conference.

Our innovative solutions require a market based approach that integrates collaborative leadership with new cooperative business designs. New cooperatives become cross-siloed groups working together for community renewal with sustainable benefits to the whole, which includes restorative justice, social and economic accountability.

This was an pre-recorded presentation for the Restorative Community Coalition by Art Sherwood for the Nov 5, 2016 conference. As the David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship in the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University, Dr. Sherwood is the director of Western’s IDEA Institute (InterDisciplinary Entrepreneurship in Action), an Affiliated Faculty of the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop on Political Theory and Political Theory and Policy Analysis and co-founder of the Cooperative Business Research Institute.

His key highlights are that new solutions are emerging as a grassroots movement for strategic economic development: business is not always about shareholders, but it is becoming about putting people first!  Thank you to Art for conveying how rich the future is!

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