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It costs taxpayers anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000
a year to keep someone in jail. 80% of people imprisoned
are nonviolent and could be contributing to their families
and local economies.

Join us weekly on Spotify as we talk about the business of justice, the industries involved in mass incarceration, and the experiences of people who have worked in and lived through the criminal justice systems. What does dysfunction in these systems cost our livelihoods, health, family wellbeing, and taxes?

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Invest in People
Not Jails

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Family Safety


January 28, 2021
Incident Review

Report on Compound
Civic Domestic Violence

RCC is in the business of ReClaiming lives. We are an action-oriented coalition advocating for restorative, economic, systemic and social change.

“Making a difference 1 person, 1 action at a time since 2006”
What happened that this happened in 2021? Click on the video to see why we need restorative justice and new choices might help homeless issues.
Regenerative Action!
What might it look like if we shifted our behaviors 1% to support our resources, our children, our future?

What is the price we’re paying as taxpayers in our community and the bioregion of the Salish Sea by investing hundreds of millions in more government instead of resolving the human needs first?

The Prison Industry

Standing Up
With Power Series

Your Voice Matters


Many of us know that something is wrong with the criminal justice system, but we don’t know what to do about it or where to start. Our coalition has found that the roots of the problem start local. It is at the early education, intervention, 911 call, the hospital and at the jail doors. It’s a community problem.

That’s why our Coalition did a deep dive into the school-to-prison pipeline. It has metastasized into a civic systems problem and a taxpayer’s nightmare. Our diagrams and tools provides roadmaps and a wealth of information for people interested in big-system shifts for the local to national incarceration and criminal justice systems.

Get Help

If you or someone you care about is being negatively impacted by public health and safety issues, we are here for you. We specifically work with people who are impacted by a 911 incident, an arrest, investigation or other encounter with law enforcement, courts, the criminal legal system, or longer term incarceration.

Whether you’re are in crisis now, or it’s after the fact, we have tools and people with experience to help you diagram the situation and build a roadmap.
We look at the complexity, notice the tough spots, the complications and identify your optimal frugal need, so you and your family can get a leg up in the process.

Contact us to see how we can serve.

Take Action Now

When you get involved helping people, or doing community advocacy, we provide coaching.

We have civic leadership opportunities, mentoring, and change-making resources available so you can feel confident and be an effective ally for those who have been silenced by the criminal legal sector.

Homelessness, criminalization of poverty, the Covid crisis, technology and social justice issues are only part of the problems we face.

The ripple effect is a tsunami of deep economic, generational, civic and historical traumas. The result? We are living with the side effects of inherited, complex and inhumane systems that need renovation.

Working hands-on with those directly impacted, You will learn to innovate and bring forward new solutions that help people adjust.
You can choose your level of involvement.

It will take many hands working together at different levels to bridge the gaps while rebuilding healthy communities. Become a changemaker with us!


Time, money and resources become more than a click of a button. Investing in people who are striving to rebuild their lives has a multiplier effect.

1) It helps real people in real time to deal with real issues up close and personal.

2) You are investing in the future while healing the past.

3) Crisis and trauma have individual ripple effects; yet together by giving our ideas and resources we can do turnarounds and make waves of positive change.

Bottomline, the accumulated effect is that we are
ending habitual trauma cycles that plague individuals, families and the whole community network.

It’s emotionally rewarding, humanizing and good business to reclaim lives and invest in human potential.


We will gather a wealth of wisdom from our diversity:

1) Join us at our monthly community Membership meeting to learn from others directly about their experiences, their problems and resolutions.

2) Reach out to us related to the iChange Justice Podcast – offer suggestions, ask questions, nominate guests.

3) Become a mentor, case interceptor or manager, court navigator.

4) Bring your own professional skills to the group – whether you are a service provider, lawyer, mental health professional, emergency responder, parent, partner, teacher – the list is endless.

5) Ally with us as a non-profit, share your point of views, your challenges and wisdom, so we can team up to bridge gaps and resolve conflicts.

6) As an elected official, political activist, or civic involved person, come and learn or share your concerns for systemic change.


Whether it’s becoming a mentor or our helping with vital behind-the-scenes administration, your volunteer time restores and saves lives!


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